The Surtronic employees are specialists in their line of work and have many years of experience.


Our passion for technology means that we are constantly looking for innovative technical solutions.


We keep our promises. That means giving customers what they want, when they want it, with no mistakes. 


We stand for openness and accessibility. Knowing our customer needs is the centre of our business. 

  • Workmanship

    Specialisation is the future. That is why we are set up for specialisation in various areas. Not only have we divided our activities in five product divisions, we also have experts who are fully networked into their relevant division and deliver expert advice to support your specific requirements. We’ve been doing professional installations for over twenty years. So we combine thorough experience with our constant search for better and creative solutions.

  • Innovative

    Understanding the industry and the needs of the customer lie at the heart of Surtronic’s research and development. Customers are the most important drivers of Surtronic’s R&D. Extensive collaboration with clients underlies nearly all of our successful projects. Before and during the development of new solutions, our engineers visit customers facilities to learn of the requirements they set for our solutions. The demand for environmentally friendly technologies can be expected to grow in the near future. This is why Surtronic aims to provide customers with products which surpass environment and safety requirements of current legislation.

  • Reliable

    The heart of our reliability is quality. Surtronic has nearly 30 years of experience in the development, installation and the implementation of premium electronic information systems. We provide extensive, on-site, field-support for every product we sell, and can provide quick emergency service for all of our customers. We offer customized, product-specific training to ensure that our customers have the knowledge required to operate and maintain the equipment to maximize system efficiency and minimize down time. When you are looking for a reliable partner you can trust, Surtronic makes it easy to source all your premium electronic information solutions.

  • Transparent

    A flexible reaction to our customers specific wishes is one of our strengths. The experts of Surtronic are proud of what they can achieve with their customers. They want to be transparent and create realistic expectations. An honest and balanced picture of the value of our products for their customers is the starting point. We work with customers from the beginning to deliver exactly what they want. For Surtronic employees each day is a positive challenge!

About our company

Surtronic Hoofddorp is a dedicated display builder . For many years Surtronic has operated successfully on the public transport market. With these particular projects we supply directly to inter(national) customers or we serve as supplier for system integrators. On the traffic management market we offer a.o products such as Dynamic Route Information Panels and mobile information systems. Next to this, we provide technical, tailored solutions for large, complex or special projects. The Surtronic information systems are also available via lease or rental agreements. We currently operate in more than 10 countries around the world. 

Our Mission

Surtronic, founded in 1987, develops and produces durable concepts, services, products and various technical solutions, based on LED, TFT and LED techniques in order to present specific and target group oriented information.

Our Vision

Due to our extensive expertise and experience, our team is able to continuously develop customer-focused concepts. Herein, we strive to offer end-to-end solutions tailored to the (specific) requirements of each customer. In this, flexibility, professionalism, innovation and reliability are the key. Our customer's requirements are frequently assessed, hence our knowledge and tailor-made solutions remain up to date.

Our Future

We continue to broaden our horizon through specific product innovations and ongoing monitoring of possible chances in new markets. We act in accordance to and with respect for the interests of people and the environment and within the scope of the (inter)national law and regulation.



Like to join us

Although we have no vacancies at the moment, please revisit every so often as we update this page frequently.




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