Project Details

Product: Vertical clearance displays, DRIP's Number of displays:  5 in total Client: ProRail Date of placement: June 2011 ProRail has published a tender for the Vechtbrug in Muiden consisting  of two orders: The replacement of the current leading jetty and the installation of dynamic information displays in order to improve the communication around the Vechtbrug bridge. The primary contractor for the project was Gebr. De Koning. Commissioned by Imtech Projects, Surtronic in turn developed two DRIPs’ and three clearance displays. Imtech also developed a redundantly executed dipstick for the displays to accommodate this particular project. DRIP’s Size: 384cm X 160cm Resolution: 192 X 80 Pixel pitch: 20mm Font colour: full color Amount: 2 items Vertical clearance displays Size: 64cm X 64cm Resolution: 32 X 32 Pixel pitch: 20mm Font colour: full color Amount: 3 items